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Specification BRegDCAT-AP v2.01: bug fix release

Specification BRegDCAT-AP v2.01: bug fix release

Published on: 25/06/2021 Last update: 20/09/2021 Document
Specification BRegDCAT-AP v2.01: bug fix release

This version supersedes version v2.00


  • Correction of “reference” links for Publisher type, Theme and Thematic scheme classes in Application Profile Classes Section.
  • Update of “used in class” field in Section 4 for properties dct:licence and dct:format
  • Update of “usage notes” for dct:creator, dct:publisher, dcat:theme  and dcat:themeTaxonomy in the Controlled Vocabularies section.


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Jim J. Yang Fri, 27/08/2021 - 08:36

Thanks for this new release! 

About EuroVoc as controlled vocabulary: It is now explicitly stated in the Usage notes that EuroVoc is recommended (not mandatory) for dcat:theme and dcat:themeTaxonomy. However, for cv:thematicArea (used in cpsv:PublicService) it doesn't say recommended. When the whole table is under the text "The use of the following controlled vocabularies for the properties listed in the specification is mandatory" and without explicitly saying recommended, it means that EuroVoc is mandatory for cv:thematicArea. If I recall correctly, I thought we agreed at the last Working Group meeting that EuroVoc should not be mandatory.  

ABR Project Team Thu, 02/09/2021 - 13:37

Dear Mr. Yang, 

Thank you for your comment!

Indeed, in the previous Working Group meeting we agreed that the EuroVoc is recommended. However, for cv:thematicArea (used in cpsv:PublicService),we didn’t mention it explicitly. We will take this into consideration and make according changes in this part for the next major release.

Looking forward to your participation at the next Working Group meeting and please do not hesitate to share any further comments and suggestions in the meantime.