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Re3gistry v2.1.0 (08/04/2021) v2.1.0 Switch to the latest release

2 years ago

Re3gistry v2.1.0 08/04/2021

🚀 New Features

  • Added the ROR format, that allows to register the registers in the INSPIRE register federation. Issue reference: #32.
  • Added the missing formats: Re3gistry XML and JSON, RFD/XML, CSV.
  • Added the RDF format including the complete register. Issue reference: #2.
  • Improvements in the documentation.
  • Updating the Re3gistry 2 cache to the new EHCache Disk based cache.
  • Updating libraries (GitHub dependencies check bot)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • #36 Fixed the bug making the "registry" page unaccessible when making changes on registry element.
  • #31 Fixed the bug on the migration.
  • #28 Fixed the problem on the CSV bulk import of second-level items.
  • #25 Fixed the bug on the DataTables.
  • Several additional bugfixes on the system