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Use of content / knowledge management platforms to improve the collaboration in public administrations and enable document reusability and exchange.
Content and knowledge management platforms can greatly improve the collaboration in information and document-intensive organisations, among which public administrations. Such platforms may help: - to guarantee to the citizen a better access to law and publications of the European Union; - to encourage and facilitate reuse of content and metadata by professionals and experts; - to preserve content and metadata and access to contents and metadata over time. The conservation and exchange of documents is particularly relevant in a cross-border context, to support the development and implementation of EU policies. Content management solutions, furthermore, enable the reusability and exchange of documents by providing editorial consistency through all communication channels and are, therefore, an integral part of a system fostering such exchange and re-use.
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Document Repository Services

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Content and knowledge management
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Content and knowledge management
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Ximdex, open source semantic CMS for XML

Content and knowledge management

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