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NullPointerException in pdfbox when request a PDFFontType

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Published on: 02/12/2011 Discussion Archived

A request of PDFFontType return null and throws NullPointerException. The error happens in class org.pdfbox.util.operator.SetTextFont extends OperatorProcessor - method public void process(...). One possible solution is to update the method protected void processOperator( PDFOperator operator, List arguments) in the calling class org.pdfbox.util.operator.PDFStreamEngine to the unmodified version 1.6 of pdfbox.
The modified version of the pdfbox library must also be integrated into the verification tool, otherwise the document can be signed correctly, but then the error happens during verification.
At the time there is no hint for possible negative side effects, but they also can not excluded and have to be tested.
This error disappears when importing the document in a third party software, converting into word or opening with Acrobat and after that exporting again into pdf. Then the document is signable and verifyable.

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ResolutionAccepted As Bug




Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 02/12/2011 - 09:55
Attention: The problem only occurs when the position of the signature block is calculated automatically. In other cases (e.g. placing signature block with fix position in or with PDF-OVER) the signature goes well, but it can not be verified after that.