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DK: IT and Telecommunications Policy Report 2010

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Published on: 29/04/2010 Last update: 16/07/2010 Document Archived

Description (short summary):  
The Danish Government's efforts in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector continue to be oriented towards the daily use of ICT by as many Danes as possible, so as to create new opportunities for the individuals and companies and to create benefits for society as a whole. Access to ICT is seen as a means to help get out of the economic crisis through increased innovation, growth and prosperity.

The present report takes stock of some of the key initiatives launched and achievements reached by the government in the ICT sector in the past years in support of the aforementioned objectives:

  • Development of the ICT infrastructure, including the creation of a new knowledge centre for open standards and open source and increased access to fast broadband;
  • Improvement of the ICT skills of all Danes, through e.g. information campaigns, the development of eLearning modules for ICT education and the expansion of the 'Learn more network';
  • Dissemination of digital communications and solutions, for example through the adoption of new laws on the mandatory use of digital transmission for businesses and the ability to access the eGovernment portal for citizens, '' with mobile devices;
  • Increased safety on the Internet, with the agreement on a new joint digital signature NemID and the establishment of a government warning service on Internet threats GovCERT;
  • Greater awareness of green ICT, with a new knowledge center for green ICT and an information campaign on green ICT targeted at children and adolescents.

Number of pages: 18

ISBN Number: 978-87-92572-17-2

Nature of documentation: Official reports and studies


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