LU: Master plan for the implementation of IT in the State 2010-2014

Published on: 17/03/2011
Last update: 20/07/2011

Description (short summary):
This Master Plan was presented on 17 March 2011 by the Minister for Administrative Simplification of Luxembourg, along with two other action plans aimed at modernising the organisation of the State. The two other action plans are: 

  • The programme for the administrative simplification of State procedures and formalities
  • The action plan for administrative reform 

The new Master plan for the implementation of IT in the State is structured around three main lines that are interrelated: 

  • Services for citizens and businesses
  • Services for the Public Administration and its partners
  • The optimisation and standardisation of practice 

The services for citizens and business include a multi-channel access to information, including the State's presence on the Internet, interactive online access to administrative services via the Internet Portal and a helpdesk reachable by phone and by email.  

Among the projects aimed at delivering services to the Public Administration and its partners are those relating to the development of new applications, the electronic management of administrative documents, the protection of personal data, the quality and the securing of identity documents, interoperability between the Public Administration and businesses at national and European levels.  

The line optimisation and standardisation of practice gather all efforts towards such end, be it in terms of web presence, procedure organisation, professional project management, planning and coordination. This line will be complemented by the achievement of a catalogue of measures implementing an ecological approach in the IT sector. 

Number of pages: 30 

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