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Austria tops German eGovernment comparison

Austria tops German eGovernme…

Published on: 26/10/2016 News Archived

Swiss eGovernment service users are the most content

A study comparing the maturity of eGovernment services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland places Austria at the top, says the platform Digital Austria (Digitales Österreich). However, according to the eGovernment Monitor 2016, users of Switzerland’s eGovernment services are most content.

Meanwhile in Germany, the use of eGovernment services remains far behind the other two countries.

The eGovernment Monitor 2016 is produced by the German Iniative D21, an NGO focusing on the information society, and the University of Munich’s Institute for Public Information Management (Ipima).

The report notes that in all three countries open government services are well-known, but that they are not used much: “A remarkable number of respondents plans to use such services in the future.” The other main conclusions include:

  • Users are less concerned than ever before about security and privacy of eGovernment services;
  • Germans make no use of the country’s eID solution as they see no benefits;
  • Public administrations do not offer much support for eGovernment services;
  • The level of education, but not gender or age, influences how much use is made of eGovernment services.

Digital Austria says that the study shows that it needs to make its eGovernment services better-known. The country’s and mobile eSignature services are used intensively, but other services need to be promoted, the portal quotes Muna Duzdar, State Secretary for Digitisation, as saying.

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