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CH: Launch of smartphone and tablet computer app for eGovernment

CH: Launch of smartphone and…

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Published on: 05/01/2012 News Archived

The eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office, an administrative unit of the eGovernment Switzerland Steering Committee, has developed the 'E-Gov-App' for a popular smartphone and tablet computer. The application was initially presented in Bern on the occasion of the 5th National eGovernment Symposium.

A three-minute video on the eGovernment programme and its objectives as well as an overview on the concept of eGovernment, is accessible via a popular video-sharing site and the eGovernment Switzerland portal. It draws on examples of specific projects, such as customs clearance of goods.

Thanks to the new app, the benefits of eGovernment projects can be measured anytime and anywhere. It is based on the 'Utilitas' model for benefit calculation, which was selected by the Programme Office as part of an open competition organised in 2009. In addition to the compact 'Utilitas' kit (spreadsheets) which is available for download at the eGovernment portal, a simplified version of 'Utilitas' is now also available via the 'E-Gov App'. This utility assessment model helps IT project and programme managers in the public and private sector to measure the qualitative benefits of a project when financial data on cost effectiveness is lacking. Furthermore, it enables to set strategic priorities.

'E-Gov App' is regularly updated and complemented by other features, and it is available free of charge in French and German.

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