EU/LT: Six EU co-funded ICT s…

EU/LT: Six EU co-funded ICT security projects to enhance data security in national information systems

Published on: 23/11/2011

The public authorities to implement the 6 projects which received funding are, respectively:  

  • the Ministry of Justice;
  • the State Tax Inspectorate (Ministry of Finance);
  • the State Security Department (SSD);
  • the Residents' Register Service (Ministry of the Interior);
  • the Board of the State Social Security Fund;
  • the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.  

These projects are funded under the Operational Programme 'Economic Growth', Priority 3 'Information Society for All', Action 'ICT Security'. The ICT Security Action is sought to ensure effective ICT security within the most important state information systems and the protection of personal information against unauthorised modification. The total budget of the ICT Security Action is LTL 39.5 million (approx. €11.4 million).  

With e(Government) services expanding and due to the fact that a growing number of people is using the Internet, an utmost challenge for public authorities is to provide ICT security, so that as many citizens and businesses as possible trust the use of eGovernment services. In particular, public authorities must protect service users from personal data loss, make sure that such data are accessible to authorised persons only, and ensure that the information is not modified without prior authorisation or destroyed.


Background information

Lithuania's Operational Programme 'Economic Growth' (2007-2013) is co-funded with resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF) under the Convergence objective. Under the Programme's 'Information Society for All' Priority (Priority 3), measures will be implemented for a total budget of over LTL 975 million (approx. €281 million). It is the Information Society Development Committee at the Ministry of Transport and Communications that manages the implementation of Priority 3 to which the European Regional Development Fund contribute with LTL 829 million (approx. €239 million). So far, 89 projects have been funded as part of Priority 3 for a total amount of LTL 557 million (approx. €161 million).


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