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FI: Finance ministry updates its tailored version of OpenOffice

FI: Finance ministry updates…

Published on: 13/05/2009 News Archived

Finland's ministry of Finance is publishing an update of its localised version of OpenOffice. The tailored office application is this time also made available from the Osor website.

The package, based on version 3.0.1 of OpenOffice, includes ready-to-use software applications in Finnish and a wide range of additions, such as manuals and user guides written by the Ministry of Justice. It also contains document templates for letters and memos, compliant with document standards from the Finnish Standards Association.

The localised version of OpenOffice is made with assistance from the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. Tommi Karttaavi, senior IT consultant at the association, explains that OpenOffice Portable 3.0.1 will by default use the Finnish language, but that it can be easily switched to for instance English. The application includes spell checking and hyphenation for Finnish, Swedish, English, French and German. "The portable version of OpenOffice does not have the Finnish language add-ons pre-installed, so this is the major enhancement that we provide", says Karttaavi.

"This is the first Finnish project published on Osor", the ministry said in a press release. It explained that the Finnish government wants to promote the use of open source by public bodies, as one of the ways to increase the use of IT in society and to increase electronic government services.

The application is made to fit on a USB-key of at least 512 MB. "The application does not require installation, but will decompress itself when run."

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