France updates overview of it…

France updates overview of its major IT projects


France’s government modernisation unit, SGMAP, and the IT coordination unit Dinsic, have updated their overview of the major IT projects in the ministries. The online, interactive report details 61 ongoing projects.

The overview, titled ‘Panorama Des Grands Projets SI De l’État’, reports key figures. For example, 20 of the current 61 projects involve multiple ministries, and on average, projects take six years to complete. About 1/3 of the projects have a budget of between EUR 20 million and 100 million. Other sections of the report rank the projects by phase of completion and by budget, and visitors can read about project goals, which include links to more information.

France's major IT projects sorted by phase of completion

In addition, the report shows digital transformation in progress, SGMAP and Dinsic write, including digitalisation, sharing of development and reuse of IT solutions, mobility and big data. The portal helps to develop a shared vision on IT projects, and offers insight in project value and difficulties, they add.

This is the third edition of the Panorama Des Grand Projets SI De l’État. The first edition was published in November 2016.

More information:

Panorama Des Grands Projets SI De l’État (in French)

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