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HR: The government has adopted a draft law on national information infrastructure

HR: The government has adopte…

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Published on: 08/04/2014 News Archived

Presenting the Draft Law, Minister Arsen Bauk pointed out that the Ministry of Public Administration is the competent authority for drafting of legislation to regulate eGovernment and enabling all who have provided the right to access data collected by institutions in the public sector.

The Act establishes a central government portal system as a single administrative center in the virtual world, the communication of public sector institutions with citizens via the user mailbox state, national identification and authentication system, and basic public registers and authentic information. The law on state information infrastructure provides the prerequisites for efficient implementation of the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act and establishes the obligation of public sector institutions to use data from basic registers, without seeking the same information from citizens or businesses, in order to create a "paperless government".

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