Hungary to increase number of…

Hungary to increase number of IT students

Published on: 02/05/2017

The government of Hungary has agreed with 15 higher education institutes across the country to increase the number of trained IT workers. A programme is being launched to offer IT training to students. “To further the digitisation of companies and government, we need more people with digital skills”, the government explained in a statement. By 2020, the number of trained IT workers should be double the current number, the government hopes.

A photo from the government announcement

The higher education organisations are to work closely with IT businesses, to ensure a good fit between training and required skills. A first course will focus on ​​Oracle, Microsoft and Red Hat Linux, the government writes, to bring IT professionals up to date. The programme, titled GINOP-3.1.1 will cost FT 2.837 billion (about EUR 9 million).

The GINOP goals include:

  • developing cooperation between educational institutions and ICT businesses;
  • matching IT training to the needs of ICT companies;
  • increasing the popularity of IT professionals; and
  • promoting careers in IT.


This year, the involved education institutes will organise over 400 events across the country, to attract young people to become IT professionals. They will also create three demonstration centres, that will focus on promoting IT careers.

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