Malta unveils first set of mo…

Malta unveils first set of mobile eGovernment apps

Published on: 03/05/2017

The government of Malta has published a first set of 20 smart phone applications, offering access to eGovernment services. A second set of mobile government apps is scheduled for March next year, writes Malta’s Information Technology Agency (MITA).

The mobile apps offer access to eGovernment services related to culture, consumers, animal welfare, crafts, customs, taxes, flora and fauna, the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council, Valletta 2018, Gozo, and blood donation, according to press reports. Together with the mobile apps, the government unveiled Servizz - a guide to some 800 online government services.

“The first wave of apps focuses on extending and complementing the existing communication channels in the exchange of information between the government and citizens”, writes Malcolm Mizzi, Enterprise Architect at MITA. “Some of the apps launched during this first phase also provide a means through which citizens can provide feedback to the respective service owner. These published apps target a variety of government services, including amongst others taxation, customs, health as well as environmental services”, the IT architect adds.

“The second wave of mobile apps, planned to be launched in March 2018, shall provide citizens with additional functionality”, Mizzi writes. “Besides providing citizens the ability to view and exchange information, phase two will introduce the concept of mTransactions. Such functionality would provide citizens the ability to affect payments via their mobile devices, directly from the government’s mService. Such services could relate to, for example, paying fines online or requesting public registry certificates. This functionality would further promote the availability of 24x7 access to government services anywhere, anytime as well as introduce yet another mechanism for how to transact with the government.

By the end of 2018, Malta will unveil its so-called mDemocracy apps, which will allow citizens and businesses to provide feedback on policy and to participate in government decision making.

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