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One million Norwegians have a government mailbox

One million Norwegians have a…

Published on: 29/08/2016 News Archived

This summer, 23-year old Solveig Boland from Løten (Norway) created the millionth government mailbox account, the Norwegian government reports. Ms Boland opened her account to obtain documents required for registration in the city of Bergen, where she wants to study medicine.

Earlier this month, the student was congratulated by Jan Tore Sanner, Minister for Local Government and Modernisation. According to a press announcement, both Ms Boland and the minister agreed that the digital mailbox is practical. “In spring, she will receive her income tax forms in the digital mailbox.”

According to Difi, the country’s Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, this year the number of citizens that created a government mailbox account has doubled.

The use of the digital mailbox helps the Norwegian public administration to reduce costs and is good for the environment. Each year, the public sector sends over 40 million letters. That is comparable to the daily CO

₂ emissions of 250,000 cars, the government writes, while costing some NOK 400 million (about EUR 43 million). “We would rather spend this money on services to citizens”, Minister Sanner is quoted as saying.

Please Mr. Postman

Similar digital mailbox solutions are implemented in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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