Poland boosts services with ‘…

Poland boosts services with ‘once-only’ principle

Published on: 02/02/2017

Poland is adapting some of its social services to apply the once-only principle. Citizens will no longer be required to show, for example, a birth or tax certificate to apply for financial support. Instead, they can apply online, and the government will complete and cross-check the applications with records it already has.

The application of the once-only principle (OOP) was announced earlier this month by Anna Streżyńska, Minister of Digitisation. On 16 January, she announced that new services had been added to the Emp@tia portal.

The OOP has now been applied to the baby bonus (becikowe) - part of the financial aid for families. Citizens can now file requests online, and are no longer required to show birth certificates.

Fundamental change

By applying the OOP to more services, and by offering services online, Poland is modernising its government, says Minister Streżyńska. Making its services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week requires a fundamental change in the approach of public administration, the Minister said. “The state is finally trusting its citizens.”

Per year, this will save about half a million parents several trips to government offices, the ministry says.

The ministry is working with three large banks to allow citizens to use online banking solutions for authentication and identification for eGovernment services. Similar services from two other banks are expected and are currently being tested. This will provide access to eGovernment services to about 55% of all citizens, the ministry says.

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