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Study: ‘Dutch education system needs thoughtful ICT vision’

Study: ‘Dutch education syste…

Published on: 31/07/2017 News Archived

The Dutch education system, together with teachers and school authorities, needs to develop a vision on the relationship between ICT and education, the Education Council of the Netherlands writes in a report published in May. Recommendations include emphasising sharing and reuse of ICT solutions.

An ICT vision should encompass digital educational goals, the use of digital educational resources, and the use of digital applications in the organisation of education, the Council writes.

The Council warns that “digitalisation is not an end in itself. Digitalisation carried to excess comes with risks, and therefore the Council advocates thoughtful educational choices.” The Council makes three recommendations, to ensure that the education system is able to derive maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalisation:

  • Unburden education by guaranteeing the conditions needed for digitalisation;
  • Increase ownership of digitalisation in education; and
  • Explore digital applications to gain experience and develop a vision


The Council’s recommendations include that government fund, facilitate and support the development, sharing and editing of open learning resources for all educational sectors. Such activities should be rewarded, the Council writes.

The Education Council is an independent governmental advisory body which advises the Minister of Education, Sciences and Cultural Affairs, and the Minister of Economy, as well as the parliament and local public administrations.

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