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Toolbox to manage information during reorganisation

Toolbox to manage information…

Published on: 27/01/2017 News Archived

The Flemish government is sharing its toolbox to help public sector organisations that are reorganising with their information management. The instruction set and checklists can help to ensure that no information or archives are abandoned and that responsibilities are transferred correctly.

How to prevent information to get lost when reorganising public sector organisations

The toolbox, published in Dutch, was made public on 20 January, by the Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen (the information agency for the Flanders community and region of Belgium).

The management checklist is to be used for both paper-based and digital information. “During reorganisations, the transfer of digital information is particularly problematic. These are stored on all kinds of carriers and are less visible than analogue records”, the agency writes, adding that organisation should “pay attention to all information, regardless of the storage medium.”

In addition to dealing with archives and transferring responsibility, the toolbox explains the legal background, to help organisations create a roadmap for the changes in information management. The agency also provides outlines, separating reassignments, mergers, separations, or closing down of public administrations. Other scenarios deal with potential problems, including unclear organisational successors, lack of priority, and differences in administrative responsibility and information management.

The agency also gives three practical examples, showing how central, provincial and municipal government reform impacted information management.

More information:

Toolbox on information management for public sector reorganisations (in Dutch)