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The ELI collection aims at giving centralised access to initiatives and information resources related to the European Legislation Identifier (ELI) standard. Detailed information on the ELI standard can be found in the ELI website managed by the...
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The European Legislation Identifier (ELI) is a system to make legislation available online in a standardised format, so that it can be accessed, exchanged and reused across borders.

ELI is based on a voluntary agreement between the EU countries. It includes technical specifications on:

  • web identifiers (URIs) for legal information
  • metadata specifying how to describe legal information
  • a specific language for exchanging legislation in machine-readable formats

This initiative, taken jointly by EU countries and institutions, is enshrined in the Council Conclusions of 6 November 2017 on the European Legislation Identifier (2017/C 441/05).

ELI is funded under Action "Facilitating the exchange of legislation data in Europe", which falls under the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations ( ISA²) Programme.


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ELI XML serialisation

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ELI Validator

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ELI ontology for legal impacts

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Legal Informatics Tools for Parliaments

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ELI ontology translations

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ELI annotation tool

Content and knowledge management
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ELI legislation extension for

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ELI ontology

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ELI ontology for draft legislation (ELI-DL)

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