EIF Perspective attributes of ELI annotation tool

General information

Name of the solution: ELI annotation tool

Solution's owner: Publications Office of the EU ELI Taskforce


The ELI annotation tool is a tool for building notices describing legal resources using the European Legislation Identifier (ELI) standard.

The notices describe several standard legal entities (legal resources, legal expressions and formats) using standard properties. The values of some of these properties are constrained using controlled vocabularies described with the SKOS standard).

Type of solution: Legal interoperability tools
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The ELI annotation tool implements the following:

Interoperability layers

ELI annotation tool implements the following EIF recommendations as explained below:

  • Recommendation 21 | Interoperability governance

    The ELI Annotation tool allows to annotate and publish text in compliance with ELI standard, hence ensuring the interoperability of published legal texts.

  • Recommendation 22 | Interoperability governance

    The use of ELI Annotation tool helps to ensure a consistent approach to the use of ELI standard across borders. 

  • Recommendation 24 | Interoperability governance

    The use of the ELI Annotation tool contributes to active participation in the standardisation work.