ELI-DL draft1

3 years ago

This is the first draft version of the ELI extension for draft legislation.

It is publicly released at an early stage in order to receive feedback. If you have any comments or feedbacks, please share them in this discussion topic about ELI-DL.

The release comprises the following files :

  • A note on the scope and use-cases of the ontology;
  • A slide presentation containing :
    • examples of ELI-DL apply to 2 use-cases : an EU Procedure and a Bill in Ireland;
    • diagrams and explanation of the rationale of the data model;
  • A spreadsheet table documenting the set of entities and properties in ELI-DL;
  • A set of OWL files for the formal encoding of ELI-DL; note that this set of files contains a modified version of the ELI core ontology; these modifications will be integrated in future version of the ELI ontology;