ELI-DL final1

2 years ago

This is the first stable version of the ELI extension for Draft Legislation.

It is released after the comments on the previous beta version were taken into account and integrated. Feedback is still welcome and if you have any comment, please open a new discussion topic in the discussion space of ELI-DL here on Joinup.

This release adresses all comments received here on Joinup on the beta version, and you should refer to the provided release note for details.

This version is not backward-compatible with the previous draft version.

This version relies on ELI ontology 1.3.

Roughly from the most important changes to the least important:

  • URI template components : this is not exactly part of the ELI-DL ontology, but a companion document to the ontology specifies new URI templates for ELI-DL entities, as well as guidelines on how to use these templates to create identifiers. An important requirement is that all URIs of ELI-DL entities must start with “/eli/dl/”;
  • Naming change : A major change in the model is the renaming of main classes to make them more consistent, precise and hopefully easier to understand :
    • LegalActivity becomes LegislativeActivity
    • LegislativeProject becomes LegislativeProcess
    • LegislativeProjectWork becomes LegislativeProcessWork
    • LegalDraftWork becomes DraftLegislationWork
    • LegalDraftAmendmentWork becomes AmendmentToDraftLegislationWork
  • Class removal : the class LegalDraftRelatedWork is removed from the model. The generic super-class LegislativeProcessWork should be used instead.
  • Improved description of the legislative process : the description of the legislation process can be enhanced with
    • “who submitted it”;
    • “what is the foreseen type of legislation” that will be the outcome of the process;
    • “what is the current stage” of the process;
    • Improvement on the status of the legislative process : Ongoing / Successful / Abandonned;
  • Preparatory vs. Final version of any document : it is now possible to specify the version of any work/document, with 2 values provided : Preparatory, and Final. The list of possible version values can be extended in each implementation;
  • Other new properties :
    • “activity date” on a legislative activity;
    • “label of responsible/participant person or organization” on a legislative activity;