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The Europass XML Schema Definition v3.0 is the final release for describing the domain of infromation for a learner.

Version 3.0 further extends version 2.1, which has been already approved and published by JoinUp. However, v3.0 introduces additional changes to the hierarchy of elements and to the definition of data types.

The purpose of version 3.0 is to define an XML structure for the portfolio of the learner. The portfolio aims to serve as a portable repository of all information relevant to the learner's carreer and development. Then, through the Europass online services the learner will be able to produce Europass Documents (Curriculum Vitae and/or a Language Passport) based on the data contained in this portfolio.

The personal identification and contact information, the list of work, education and training experiences, the acquired skills and competences, and the accomplished achievements are organised within a sutiable structure. Moreover, this portfolio may include a list of other non-europass documents as supporting material that fortifies the learner's curriculum. Finally, the portfolio includes metadata and guidelines on how to produce the printable versions of Europass Documents, for example which personal data to leave out when printing a Europass CV.

The revamped online Europass CV Editors, which were released at the end of 2012, already produce Europass CV documents that are compatible with version 3.0. Gradually the all of Europass services (the online Language Passport Editor, the document conversion web services, etc.) are beingupdated in order to work with the latest version of the XML. Moreover, an updated version for the JSON schema is also provided through the Europass Portal.

We would be very welcome to receive comments and suggestions for improvements or changes to this XML schema.

Documentation for XSD v3.0 and change-log from V2.0, is available in PDF format through the Europass Portal.

Release date: 21/05/2013

Europass XML Schema V3.0 - FINAL

Release date: 21/11/2012

europassxmlschemav3_0 3.0-rc-7

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