Reference data management and governance in cross-organisational environments




Large international organisations and the EU institutions have created and maintain vast quantities of reference data in order to meet operational and legal requirements. The Linked and Open Data paradigm offers exciting possibilities to share and re-use reference data, but also holds a set of challenges.

Let us explore organisational, technical and legal aspects of sharing repositories of reference data!

Presentations given at ENDORSE 2021

Knowledge Scientist – Unlocking the data-driven organization
Juan Sequeda, George Fletcher


Creating a Corporate reference data management policy for the European Commission
Makx Dekkers & Willem van Gemert


The Language Metadata Table
Yonah Levenson


The Quest for Content in Context: Using Standards and Semantics for Interoperability
Rahel Anne Bailie


Eight causes of bad data quality – and what you can do about it
Helen Lippell


The Corporate Reference Data Management policy in the European Commission

In October 2019, the Information Management Steering Board (IMSB) of the European Commission decided to prioritise, among other actions, the development of data policies and guidelines for reference data. Therefore, a reference data management coordination group was set up. The objective of the coordination group is to build consensus on a corporate reference data management policy and to agree a set of principles for the management of reference data assets as well as to establish an initial set of reference data assets to be shared for common usage across the Commission.

As it is envisaged in the Data governance and data policies at the European Commission document: Directorates General (DGs)/services will prioritise high-value data assets, such as reference data; a Commission-wide reference data domain will be created on the basis of the Commission's data inventory; DGs/services will give priority to the reuse of common reference data; and a common governance will ensure that reference data management will follow corporate good practices.

The result of the work of the coordination group is reflected in this draft policy:

Corporate Reference Data Management in the European Commission