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GS1 in Europe
Standardisation body

A simple tool that will check if the GS1 XML file is a valid and well-formed message against the GS1 schema
The validator will also check a message with or without SBDH (standard business document header).


Browser requirements:
Firefox 28 and higher.
NB currently does not support IE

What does the validator check?

  • GS1XML:
  • GS1 (based on the UNCEFACT SBDH) 1.3 Standard business document header
  • GS1 XML Invoice version 2.6
  • GS1 XML Invoice version 3.0
  • GS1 XML Despatch advice version 3.0
  • GS1 XML Order version 3.0
  • GS1 XML Catalogue Item notification version 2.8

How do I use it?
• Simply browse or drag the file to be checked into the centre of the validator — if the file validates, then you will see a "tick". If there is an error report you will see an "!". Click on this to see the error report.

• To find the error, review the error report and follow the given Xpath in the file you are checking.

• The validator does not store any files so save the error report if this is required



Last update: 10/04/2020

GS1 XML instance validator

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Detailed information

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Geographical coverage
European Union

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