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Electronic Tolling Systems

Escalating levels of congestion and pollution raise doubts about the sustainability of unfettered road transport. Road usage charging is one mechanism for addressing these issues as it can influence the choices of road transport users. A 1997 European Commission White Paper outlined the main principles for charging, holding it should:

  • be based on the "user pays" principle;
  • be directly related to the costs that users impose on the infrastructure and on others;
  • promote the efficient provision of infrastructure.

Directive 2004/52/EC lays down the conditions for the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the European Union. The Directive requires that all new electronic toll systems brought into service shall use one or more of the following technologies: satellite positioning (GNSS); mobile communications (GSM-GPRS); microwave technology (DSRC).


Subdomains describe specific cases of application of ICT solutions in the domain. Selected cases for transport are related to:

List of standards

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