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This European Standard specifies a data model to abstract the metering world towards a simple external consumer display. The data model, as described by means of functional blocks contained in this European Standard, lays down the format of metering data accessible by a simple external consumer display. This data interface would be typically part of the meter communication functions and be accessed by a simple external consumer display via the H1 interface of the CEN/CLC/ETSI TR 50572 between the display and the meter communication functions.
The data interface specified in this document may also be accessed by the LNAP or NNAP through the C or M interface, after which the data could be accessed by HBES devices through the H2 and H3 interface.
In other words, in this way the same data model can be used both on the H1 as well as the H2 and H3 interface.
The document specifies neither the communication mechanisms used on the data interface, nor the applied data privacy and security mechanisms nor the ergonomics of the simple external consumer displays, where national regulations may apply.
The document does also not specify the communication protocol used between the meters and the meter communication functions. However, it takes into account the existing European standards like the EN 13757 series (in particular EN 13757-3:2013 and its Annex O) and the EN 62056 series for the definition of the data model.

Last update: 24/10/2019

EN 50491-11:2015 - General requirements for home and building electronic systems (HBES) and building automation and control systems (BACS) - Part 11: Smart Metering - Application Specifications - Simple external consumer display-

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