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The vision of the Interoperable Europe Academy is to offer high-quality courses and promote reuse of resources. Hence, most of the produced materials will be available here free of charge, so all interested parties can download them and include them to their eLearning platforms. 


What are the courses about:

The eLearning modules have as objective to enable current and future IMAPS users to understand what the IMAPS solution is about and how IMAPS can support public administrations in improving their digital public services towards seamless interoperability.

1. Introduction to IMAPS:

This first module starts by positioning IMAPS in the context of the European Interoperability Framework. The users will then discover the concept of IMAPS, target users in public administrations and different use cases. The criteria for selecting a digital public service for an IMAPS assessment will be explained, as well as the different types of digital public services, which can be assessed with IMAPS. Finally, the course will present IMAPS success stories which illustrate how IMAPS can assist public administrations in improving the interoperability of digital public services. Upon the completion of this course, the user will have acquired basic knowledge for being able to start his/her own IMAPS assessment of a digital public service.

2. IMAPS in practice:

This second module shows how the IMAPS assessment works in practice by introducing a concrete case of a digital public service, i.e. an online tax declaration service provided by a public administration. It explains how to select and scope a digital public service for the IMAPS assessment. Moreover, it navigates current and future users through the different sections of the IMAPS questionnaire. The IMAPS users will discover example questions on key interoperability enablers for the three services areas included in the IMAPS assessment. Finally, a preview is given on the final results with the IMAPS interoperability score and recommendations.

What is new:

In the updated versions of the IMAPS elearning modules the users will:

  • become familiar with the updated complete suite of the IMAPS solution (IMAPS & IMAPS Specialisations – LIMAPS, OIMAPS, SIMAPS, TIMAPS);
  • be introduced to a new unified user experience that starts from IMAPS and leads to its specialised versions, through the illustration of the IMAPS “user journey”;
  • receive a certificate after the completion of the self-assessment with a pass score (applies for the "Introduction to IMAPS") or receive a certificate after the course completion (applies for "IMAPS in practice");
  • gain hands-on experience viewing the dry-run of an IMAPS assessment including voice-over (applies for "IMAPS in practice");
  • generate their feedback through specified questions for their experience taking the course and through the dedicated IMAPS space on the GitHub platform.


All this information available in PDF at the bottom of the page. 

Course Course package

1. Introduction to IMAPS

IMAPS eLearning module_Introduction to IMAPS_v1.0.0_Course description.pdf

IMAPS eLearning module_Introduction to IMAPS_v1.0.0.pdf

IMAPS eLearning module_Introduction to IMAPS_Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire_v1.0.0.pdf

You can follow the structure available on the eLearning platform.

2. IMAPS in practice

IMAPS eLearning module_IMAPS in practice_v1.0.0_Course description.pdf

IMAPS eLearning module_IMAPS in practice_v.1.0.0.pdf

You can follow the structure available on the eLearning platform.

Please note all source files are available on request.

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Of course, if you do not have your eLearning platform we encourage you to follow all Interoperable Europe Academy courses here. Please inform us when the course is available on your platform and enjoy the learning!