Organisational Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service

What is the solution about?

OIMAPS is a user-friendly online questionnaire, designed as a self-assessment tool to assist public service owners to evaluate key organisational interoperability aspects of their digital public service.

Organisational interoperability focuses on business processes and the collaboration among public administrations of different internal structures and user community requirements, that wish to exchange data, information and knowledge. This aspect of interoperability is concerned with how different organisations such as different Member State Administrations collaborate in order to achieve their mutually beneficial and agreed e-Government service-related goals. In scope for organisational interoperability are also the operational ways of service delivery and consumption (channels, one-stop shop services, user-focus, etc.), as well as the respective level of automation (automatically vs. manually).

On completion of the survey, the public service owners receive tailored feedback and recommendations on how to further improve their service in terms of organisational interoperability.

OIMAPS serves complementary to the IMAPS survey and its use is recommended in conjunction with IMAPS, to vertically assess the behavioural aspects of a digital public service, from the organisational behavioural interoperability viewpoint.

What are the benefits of OIMAPS?

OIMAPS enables public service owners to evaluate, improve and consider key interoperability aspects of their public service, looking at the context of their Service Delivery (D) and Service Consumption (C), assessing:

  • organisational behavioural interoperability specifications of the data, information and knowledge delivered and consumed;
  • organisational behavioural interoperability capabilities that enable the delivery and consumption of services, data, information and knowledge;
  • organisational behavioural interoperability manifestations of the public service delivering and consuming services, data, information and knowledge.
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OIMAPS is fully compliant with the latest version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

OIMAPS provides a compact and highly user-friendly online self-assessment survey.

Start your OIMAPS assessment!

The current Beta version of OIMAPS (OIMAPS v1.1.0) is available at the EU survey portal: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/OIMAPS_v_1_1_0.

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DIGIT, Interoperable Europe Initiative
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IMAPS action - Interoperable Europe public policy initiative, DEP programme, Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), European Commission
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Organisational Interoperability Requirement
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