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Organisation user guide

Organisation users are responsible for executing tests and reporting on behalf of their organisation, using a simplified and largely read-only interface.

Organisation admin guide

Organisation administrators are responsible for defining what an organisation will test for, providing configuration values and managing its users.

Community admin guide

Community administrators are responsible for the setup and monitoring of a community’s testing and the management of its users and their experience.

Test Bed admin guide

The Test Bed administrator is a superuser responsible for the overall administration of a Test Bed instance including managing communities and settings.

Test Bed guides

Focused documentation on specific topics and step-by-step tutorials. Popular guides include the Test Bed value proposition, the "getting started" guides for project managers and developers, the Test Bed installation guide (development and production), and the validator guides (for XML, RDF, JSON and CSV).

GITB TDL documentation

Reference documentation for the GITB Test Description Language (TDL), the XML-based language used to define test suites and test cases. The documentation includes also numerous samples and best practices.

GITB services implementation

Documentation for developers implementing custom service extensions to be used standalone or via test cases. Includes numerous samples and instructions on using the Test Bed’s templates to create new services.

Online courses

In collaboration with the Interoperable Europe Academy the Test Bed team has made available two online courses to introduce it to newcomers.

Getting started with the Interoperability Test Bed

Course to introduce managers to the concept of conformance testing, and the Test Bed's key services, use cases and way of working.

Conformance testing for managers

Course aimed at IT managers to explain how to start using the Test Bed to realise a project's conformance testing needs.

Additional resources

The following resources are available to you to complement the online documentation.