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Digital Transformation Team - Italian Government
National authority

Bootstrap Italia is a frontend theme based on Bootstrap 4 that implements the Italian Design Guidelines for public websites.

It features an extended set of components and utilities, developed following the directives of the Italian Design UI Kit to allow building  mobile-first, responsive and modern web oriented services.

The extensive documentation produced, available both in English and Italian, allows to rapidly get started.

Our open by design approach allows everyone to freely contribute to the codebase; in fact, it is possible to file issues on our code hosting platform, open pull requests and interact with all the available tools with the team and the community.

It is possible to get the latest version from the release page, which is updated very frequently.

Some examples can be found in the dedicated page.

Furthermore, the list of Public Administrations actively using and contributing to this theme is constantly growing and we are going to release a list on our website soon.

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