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Does dct:publisher need a controlled vocabulary in DCAT-AP?

Published on: 16/06/2021 Discussion

In section 5.2 of the DCAT-AP 2.0.0 in PDF version it states:

"5.2.Controlled vocabularies to be used

In the table below, a number of properties are listed with controlled vocabularies that MUST be used for the listed properties. The declaration of the following controlled vocabularies as mandatory ensures a minimum level of interoperability"

And there dct:publisher is listed with "In case of other types of organisations, national, regional or local vocabularies should be used"

So does that mean in order to be conformant with DCAT-AP our national DCAT-profile DCAT-AP-CH must use a vocabulary for the property dct:publisher? So we need to come up with a vocabulary for that purpose? Or are there other options?


Charalampos ALEXOPOULOS Fri, 18/06/2021 - 10:57

In general the publisher element is a "string". In our attempt to publish our generated data from an INEA-CEF project, we communicated with the EDP after passing the shacl validation service - which by the way was not passed with the publisher element, so we excluded it -  and they explained us that this is dct:publisher value (name) should be verified from them and added to their list of publishers in order to be allowed and pass the validation. 

Quick version, you first need to be validated as publishers and be included in the codelist of publishers and then you will be able to pass the validation of EDP.

To just use the DCAT-AP, you just put your publishers name (string).

Sabine Maennel Mon, 21/06/2021 - 06:45

Thank you very much for the reply. That was helpful. We have a lot of publishers in Switzerland not just one. But we will look into this.