Interoperability Profile Repository

Profile Repository designed for C2-SENSE project: Interoperability Profiles for Command&Control Systems and Sensor Systems in Emergency Management.

Profile Repository contains the available profiles as machine-processable specifications of processes and services. Each profile is represented by an item in the profile repository and the attributes that make up the profile are stored as properties of the repository item.

C2-SENSE project deals with effective management of emergencies, crises and disasters depends on timely available, reliable and intelligible information.

To achieve this, different Command and Control (C2) Systems and Sensor Systems have to cooperate which would only be possible through interoperability. However, unless standards and well-defined specifications are used, the interoperability of these systems can be very complex.

C2-SENSE project’s main objective is to develop a profile based Emergency Interoperability Framework by the use of existing standards and semantically enriched Web services to expose the functionalities of C2 Systems, Sensor Systems and other emergency/crisis management systems.

C2-SENSE will assess its outcomes in a realistic “Flood Scenario in Italy” pilot to ensure that the developed technologies are generic and applicable in a real life setting.

C2-SENSE is a joint project of following partners:

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