EU: Migration of…

EU: Migration of to Joinup by the beginning of June

Published on: 30/04/2014

The new expanded Joinup will support, engage and promote productive linkages and interactions between ePractice and Joinup users. By aligning their forces, ePractice users will be able to bring expertise on policy making and best practice examples in the fields of eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion, and Joinup will host specialised developer communities and a catalogue of interoperability solutions. By offering a new expanded portal, Joinup will better enable and facilitate the development of better solutions, the creation of synergies, and support users in a more efficient way.

During the transition period, ePractice users’ accounts and the vast majority of ePractice content will be migrated, following necessary changes needed to be made resulting from the inherent differences between the two portals.

Large migration projects, such as the current case of may bring temporary inconvenience for the migrated users. Nevertheless, in the long term, this migration will benefit both ePractice and Joinup users.

Over the coming weeks, the ePractice news section will provide updates on the migration process. For further details on the subject, please visit the FAQ page which is currently available on the Joinup portal. Users can also contact the migration team via the Contact page by selecting the ePractice migration category.

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