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HR: OpenOffice manuals for all state employees and teachers

HR: OpenOffice manuals for al…

Published on: 08/11/2007 News Archived

All state employees and teachers in Croatia will this month receive manuals for OpenOffice, an Open Source suite of office software applications. The government hopes the manuals will foster the use of Open Source software.

Paper versions of the four books, each covering one of the applications in OpenOffice, Writer, Calc, Impress and Base, will be delivered to most if not all state employees. Teachers will receive digital versions, either as PDF or ODF. The documents are also publicly available for downloading.

The book distribution is a joint project by the Croatian e-government project and the Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet, Hr Open. The latter organised the translation of the OpenOffice manuals, with the manual for Writer and Impress written by Ivana Bosnic, the one for Calc by Vlatka Paunovic and Base by Igor Kos.

The four books are published using a Creative Commons licence, which allows for free non-commercial distribution. It also allows the documents to be changed, as long as the author and its original publishers are properly credited.

People involved in the project expect that the books will boost the use of OpenOffice not only in Croatia. The manuals could easily be adapted for use in several neighbouring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

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