Joinup Licensing Assistant

Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA)

Published on: 10/06/2019
Last update: 25/10/2019

The Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA) enables copyright owners to quickly identify suitable licences for distributing their software or data. It offers a common tool that will include up to 348 licences, improved categorisation compared to existing tools, direct links to each licence in the SPDX (Software Package Data Exchange) list, and up-to-date licence information.

Thanks to JLA's use of SPDX -- an initiative of the LINUX foundation that attempts to standardise the way in which organisations refer to software licences -- each licence is identified by a full name, such as "European Union Public Licence 1.2" and a shorter identifier, here "EUPL-1.2".

Licences can be retrieved by entering all or part of their SPDX identifier: for example “UPL” will retrieve both the UPL-1.0 (Universal Permissive License) and the EUPL.

Last, and this is the true JLA novelty, licences can be retrieved based on the users' selection of licence terms.

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