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TR: eJustice project, 'UYAP'

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Published on: 31/10/2009 Last update: 09/11/2009 Document Archived

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The Turkish Judiciary Information System (Ulusal Yargi Ağı Projesi, UYAP) is an eJustice system as a part of eGovernment project, which has been developed in order to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate judicial system.

UYAP is developed by the IT Department of the Ministry of Justice of Turkey by using the most updated technology and methodologies. As a central information system it covers all of the judicial institutions and other governmental departments. All judicial units have already been fully equipped with computers, case and document management software and other updated hardware. Each judicial unit is connected to the others by a secure network and given access to legal sources such as legislation, case law, bulletins and circulars.

UYAP has been designed in order to improve the functioning and efficiency of the judiciary and to create an effective and less bureaucratic judicial system for the institutions and individuals concerned. All of the judicial units and agencies currently make use of ICT in their daily routines as all processes and transactions were transported to an electronic environment.

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