eDemocracy 2019: 8th International Conference

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Published on: 26/10/2019

8th International e-Democracy 2019 Conference is focusing on “Safeguarding Democracy and Human Rights in the Age of Artificial Intelligence''

The 8th International Conference on e-Democracy will be held in Athens, the cradle of democracy, on 12-13 December, 2019. It is organized by the Hellenic Scientific Council for the Information Society (HSCIS), in co-operation with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) and a number of European and Greek Universities, Academia and Research. It is intended, as in previous occasions, to provide a forum for presenting and debating the latest developments in the field, from a technical, political, legal and regulatory point of view.

The conference will include keynote addresses, tutorials, panels, Ph.D. colloquia and sessions, workshops, special, regular and poster sessions.
The event regularly attracts a diverse range of attendees from around the world, across different professions and academic area, and with different levels of experience. The conference is intended, similarly to previous occasions, to provide a forum for presenting and debating the latest developments in the field, from a technical, political, legal and regulatory point of view.

The main tracks of the conference are:

✓ Security
✓ Artificial intelligence
✓ Data Science
✓ Ethics and Engineering

✓ Privacy and Trust
✓ eDemocracy and eParticipation
✓ Internet of Things
✓ Future Internet




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08:30: 09:00



Welcome Address

Professor Alexander Sideridis, Professor Sokratis Katsikas, Dr. Vasilis Zorkadis


Opening Keynote: ‘Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era’

Professor George Metakides, Digital Enlightenment Forum




Coffee Break


10:30 – 12:30

Session 1 / Workshop I


Session 1: Privacy and Data Protection

Chair: Professor Alexander Sideridis


  • Big data analytics: from threatening privacy to challenging democracy.
    Paola Mavriki and Maria Karyda


  • What Do We Know about our Rights to Data Protection? A Greek Case Study.

Maria Sideri, Athanasios Fontaras and Stefanos Gritzalis

  • A Case Study of Intra-Library Privacy Issues on Android GPS Navigation Apps

Stylianos Monogios, Konstantinos Limniotis, Nicholas Kolokotronis and Stavros Shiaeles

  • A Constraint-Based Model for the Frequent Itemset Hiding Problem.

Vassilios Verykios, Elias Stavropoulos, Vasilis Zorkadis and Ahmed Elmagarmid








13:30 – 15:30

Session 2 / Workshop I-Part 1



Session 2: e-Government

Chair: Professor Sokratis Karsikas


  • A Smart Cross Border e-Gov Primary Health Care Medical Service

Alexander B. Sideridis


  • Blended learning and Open Courseware for promoting Interoperability in Public Services
    Anastasia Papastylianou, Antonios Stasis, Konstantinos Rantos and Victoria Kalogirou.


  • How to do it right: A framework for biometrics supported border control
    Mohamed Abomhara, Sule Yildirim-Yayilgan, Anne Hilde Nymoen, Marina Shalaginova, Zoltán Székely and Ogerta Elezaj.


  • A Method for Assessing the Openness of Semi-Open Data Initiatives: Applied to the Justice Domain

Mortaza S. Bargh, Sunil Choenni, Ronald Meijer and Sharvin Choenni


Athens View


Workshop I – Part 1: Enabling GDPR Compliance

Chairs: G. Lioudakis, L. Bracciale, M. Hasani


  • "When the GDPR met the ISO 27001"

N. Anastasopoulos, G. Vareltzis,


  • "Cloud Computing Framework for e-Health Security Requirements & Security Policy Rules Case Study: European Cloud-based Health System"

D. Georgiou, C. Lambrinoudakis,


  • "Anonymization and GDPR"

M. Terrovitis,


  • "CoProtect: Collaborative Management of Cryptographic Keys for Data Security in Cloud Systems"

L. Bracciale, P. Loreti, E. Raso, M. Naldi, G. Bianchi


  • "The Principle of Consent under the GDPR"

L. Veneri




15:30 – 16:0

Coffee Break


16:00 – 17:30

Session 3 / Workshop I – Part 2


Session 3: e-voting and forensics

Chair: V. Zorkadis


  • TrustedEVoting (TeV) A Secure, Anonymous and Verifiable Blockchain-Based e-Voting Framework.
    Michel Verwer, Ioanna Dionysiou and Harald Gjermundrod.s


  • Attitudes of Polish voters towards introduction of e-voting in the context of political factors.
    Magdalena Musial-Karg and Izabela Kapsa.


  • A Revised Forensic Process for Aligning the Investigation Process with the Design of Forensic-enabled Cloud Services.

Stavros Simou, Christos Kalloniatis, Stefanos Gritzalis and Vasilis Katos.


Athens View


Workshop I – Part 2: Enabling GDPR Compliance

Chairs: Dr. Georgios V. Lioudakis, Dr. Lorenzo Bracciale, Dr. Marwan Hassani


  • "Towards Engineering GDPR-compliant Business Processes"

M. Koukovini, E. Papagiannakopoulou, G. V. Lioudakis,


  • "Process Mining Enabling GDPR Compliance: The Right to be Forgotten as a Use Case"

R. Zaman, M. Hassani,


  • "On Handling Data Minimization for Business Processes: A Preliminary Study"

S. I. Besik,


Panel: Summary of findings and general

Discussion on GDPR Compliance

Moderator: G. Lioudakis, Panelists: all speakers


19:30 – 22:00

Conference Dinner

Physical location
Divani Caravel,2 Vassileos Alexandrou avenue, 16121, Athens, Greece