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LEOS Prototype v3.0.0 3.0.0 Switch to the latest release

Published on: 17/06/2016 Last update: 26/04/2024

LEOS prototype enables to create and draft legislative documents via a web user interface. Document's content is stored in an XML format, currently Akoma Ntoso V2. The prototype implements use cases based on acts issued by the European Commission (proposals for a directive, regulation...) but it can be extended to support other legislative tradition.
New in this release:

  • Updated HOWTO documentation
  • Document Viewer
  • Document changes pane (track changes accross versions)
    • Version selector
    • Change markers
    • Change navigation
  • Editor
    • New inline edition
    • Improved user comments
      • Permanent Display
      • Comments
  • Updated dependencies (frameworks and libraries)
  • Technical improvements, updated module structure and bug fixes
  • Fixes (incomplete) for Firefox (ESR 38.3) and Internet Explorer (11)

Please see the README file included in the release to learn how to compile and run the project on your local machine without external dependencies.

You can provide us feedback on that work at

the LEOS team

Last update: 22/10/2019

LEOS Prototype v3.0.0