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LEOS 5.0.1. Switch to the latest release

3 months ago

What’s new?

The main differences compared to the previous version are:

[preview] Track Changes

  • Track changes feature in it's current state of development. Code present although feature not yet finalized, and disabled by configuration.
    • Removal of points when possible upon reject action;
    • Improved stabilization of accept and reject actions over structural changes;

Technical improvements


  • Editor
    • Improved save process when creating technical versions;
    • Optimized systems calls to removed unnecessary refresh cycles;
    • Improved copy&paste of internal references;
  • Co-Edition
    • Improved co-edition notification procedure;

Bug fixes

  • Editor
    • Fixed malfunctioning corner cases when indenting/outdenting points;
  • Several UI minor adjustments done over new Angular eUI interface;
  • Improved stability of repository browser search functionality;


  • This release is intended to provide an experience with the software and is stripped of several important components to enable ease of use.
  • This software is adapted to run on a local server for demo purposes and without proper security mechanisms; This software is still under active development so some features may be added, removed or changed over course of time.


To compile the supplied source files and run the generated WAR the following software should be configured:

  • Java SDK version 8.0 
  • Maven version 3.3.9+ (Maven runtime memory might need to be set: MAVEN_OPTS=-Xms256m -Xmx512m) (Maven settings, proxy and mirrors, might need to be adjusted to your environment and internet access requirements) 
  • Supported browser is Google Chrome version 45+ (Mozilla Firefox ESR version 38.3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 are known to work with minor issues)

Get in touch

We are envisaging to create an open source community on software for legislation drafting, in order to share best practices, experiences, expertise, and why not code!! 

Should you be interested in joining our open source community, or you would just like to share with us some observations on our work, please contact us at:

Join the LEOS community · Wiki · LEOS Community · GitLab (

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

The LEOS Team

European Union Public Licence, Version 1.2 or later (EUPL)

LEOS 5.0.1.