About NIFO - National Interoperability Framework Observatory

The NIFO is an observatory where the latest Interoperability Initiatives at national levels from across Europe are discussed, shaped and published.

The NIFO community is a dedicated space for sharing experience and best practices on policies, systems, challenges and successes related to interoperability. 

The objective of this community is to gather contacts nominated by European countries and other stakeholders. 

NIFO analyses the National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) of the Member States and associated countries and their alignment with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).  The aim of this observatory is to serve as a source of inspiration towards the establishment and further development of the National Interoperability Frameworks. The analysis is based on a model that allows the various aspects of the NIFs to be compared with the EIF and aims to highlight characteristics that are similar. The model takes into account the Digital Agenda.

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This infographic provides you with the nutshell explanation of what the NIFO community contains.

This interactive map provides with information related to the eGovernment Factsheet and the European Semester.


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The NIFO provides the latest information on interoperability and country factsheets, tools for aligning NIFs with the eIF and links to interoperability experts. Discover these services below. 

Country factsheets

The NIFO factsheets describe the latest interoperability policies and initiatives in European countries.

The eGovernment factsheets describe the latest eGovernment policies and initiatives in European countries and at the EU level.

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The toolbox collects information relevant to the alignment exercise of the National Interoperability Frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework




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