Monitoring Hub


The Interoperability Hub provides information on the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) together with the level of implementation of the EIF by the European countries, through data scoreboards and dashboards. All this information provides a picture of the state of play of interoperability across the EU. Additionally, it provides supporting material and tools with the aim to foster the implementation of the EIF.   

More specifically, on this page, you can access the below information and resources:  

EIF framework

European Interoperability Framework, providing an overview of the second version of the EIF and its implementation strategy as well as an overview of national interoperability initiatives put in place by countries across Europe.    


The EIF Monitoring, which includes the level of implementation of the EIF by the European countries, through various indicators, data scoreboards and dashboards. 

BDMThe Berlin Declaration Monitoring has been deployed with the aim of monitoring the implementation of the Berlin Declaration within the European Union's Member States. It is targeted to supporting these countries in identifying the progress made over time in implementing the policy actions defined in the Declaration.


EIF Toolbox, helping national public administrations to align their National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) with the EIF.

online coursesThe EIF Online Training, organised by the Interoperability Academy, is intended to provide a good understanding of the main components of the EIF and how to apply them in a real-world scenario, thanks to a practical cases. In this way, the course raises awareness around the importance of interoperability for the delivery of integrated public services.


Supporting Material, containing the EIF glossary, guidelines document and training material, among others.