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Report on organisational interoperability implementation guidelines

Get insights on organisational interoperability

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Published on: 24/04/2018 Last update: 25/04/2018 Document Archived
Get insights on organisational interoperability

This report on “Organisational interoperability implementation guidelines” was produced in the context of Action 2016.33 EIS Governance Support of the ISA² programme. This action supports the European Commission in identifying instances of interoperability and public service governance within European public administrations in the context of the National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO) and the new European Interoperability Framework

One of the purposes of Action 2016.33 EIS Governance Support is to assess organisational structures for digital public services in the European Union. This report on provides a methodology and guidance on the necessary elements to enable organisational interoperability. It also sheds more light on how thirteen selected European countries implement organisational interoperability and what is currently in place in each of them.

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