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Published on: 05/11/2021 Last update: 01/12/2021 Event Archived
Online event on Teams - Please register for the event in order to receive the connection details.


Invitation to coffee talk

We, the NIFO Team, would like to thank all those who have participated to the first edition of the NIFO coffee talks, that was held on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

Special thanks go to our two guest speakers: 

  • Mr. Frank Leyman, Head of International Relations at the Belgian Digital Transformation Office (BOSA) and
  • Ms. Ana Rosa Guzmán Carbonell, Sub-directorate General of Planning and Governance for Digital Administration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain.

Their insights and best practices on the creation of national catalogues of services and solutions were very fruitful.

Frank Leyman
Mr Leyman presented the Federal Service Integrator (FSB) which is the Belgian government's platform for the secure exchange of electronic data.

BOSA's Federal Public Service facilitates this exchange of data with the help of the Federal Service Integrator platform and connected services. The ICT platform provides secure and uniform access to data sources in the form of web services. These are standardised technical links between data sources and the government agencies that use the data. 

You can view the range of web services via the Federal Service Integrator's catalogue. These services are available to all government services and institutions.


Ana Rosa

Ms. Guzmán Carbonell presented two of Spain's catalogues for organisational interoperability:

  • The Directory of Public Entities (DIR3) is conceived as a repository of information on the organisational structure of public administration and its customer offices. It is a catalogue of public administration administrative units and bodies, administrative registry offices and citizen services offices. 
  • The Administrative Procedure Information System (SIA) which acts as the repository of information on administrative procedures and electronic services for public administration bodies.



As promised, for further details, you can also download here below the presentation of the coffee talk which includes the questions received on the day of the event, together with their corresponding answers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at to share your feedback or any questions you may have with regards to this first edition of the NIFO coffee talk, as well as any recommendations and/or suggestions of topics for future NIFO coffee talk.

Physical location
Online event on Teams - Please register for the event in order to receive the connection details.


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