Interoperability case study

List of the Interoperability case studies (from newest to oldest):


Cooperation between Ukraine and DIGIT in the sphere of digital government: a closer look, 21/05/2019;

Bremen pilots the eInvoicing digital turn in Germany, 15/05/2018;

Ireland's eGOV strategy and PEPPOL membership: more modern and more European, 03/05/2018;

Latvian automated translation service, 20/04/2018;

OOP in Luxembourg, 19/03/2018;

InfoCamere, 16/02/2018;

The Hungarian KKSzB interoperability platform, 15/12/2017;

The public libraries network of Galicia, 30/11/2017;

The sambruk e-community: linking Swedish municipalities on optimisation of e-services, 30/10/2017;

The eGON approach to modernise and connect Czech services and people. (eGON), 22/09/2017;

Estonia shares its eGovernance practices, 23/05/2017;

MAREVA2: France goes ahead with the economic evaluation of its public IT projects, 12/05/2017;

Belgian Wallonia revamps its regional geoportal, 24/03/2017;

The common knowledge network portal, a way to share best practices among Portuguese-speaking countries, 18/04/2017;

Denmark improves the user experience of its Digital Post solution, 02/10/2017;

my Account portal: Secure online services for the Irish tax and customs administration, 11/11/2016;

Italy facilitates access to public data through portals, 07/10/2016;

Finnish Open Data Programme eliminates obstacles to data reuse, 06/09/2016;

eID and e-Signature in cross-border situations, the Estonian experience, 15/04/2016;

Malta’s Spatial Infrastructure Portal (MSDI), 18/12/2015 ;

PROMETA: the organisational interoperability framework for eService design in Luxemburg, 16/11/2015;

UK government implements ODF standard, 16/10/2015;

Austria and FYROM collaborate on interoperability framework, 18/09/2015;

Switzerland pilots eGovernment services mapping tool, 02/09/2015;

Spain’s Transparency Portal, 30/07/2015;

Interoperability in Croatia: the e-Citizens project, 13/07/2015;