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The results of the monitoring exercises of both the Berlin Declaration and the EIF are out!

EIF and BDM results 2021

Published on: 28/11/2022 Last update: 28/02/2023 News

The results of the first monitoring exercise of the Berlin Declaration are finally out, providing an overview of the progress made by the Member States in implementing the 22 Policy Actions of the Declaration they had agreed on in December 2020. These Policy Actions are meant to foster the level of digitalisation of the public sector at both the national and EU level. In addition, this monitoring exercise also aims to identify and share the measures and initiatives put in place by each country to implement said Policy Actions.

In addition, the results of the third monitoring exercise of the EIF are also out! These results provide an overview of the level of implementation of the EIF’s recommendations by the European countries. These results are meant to help them identify the areas in which their performance should improve and thus clearly define their next milestones.