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The new version of the EIF Toolbox

The new version of the EIF Toolbox is live!

Published on: 17/01/2024 News

Are you interested or involved in the digital transformation of public administrations? 

The European Interoperability Framework Toolbox offers tools and guidance for designing and implementing interoperable digital services, at both the national and European level. Hosted within the Monitoring Hub of the National Interoperable Framework Observatory (NIFO) collection, the EIF Toolbox has just been revamped, aiming to improve user-friendliness and discoverability.

2pic eif

In this context, two main improvements have been achieved. Firstly, the visual identity of the EIF Toolbox has been aligned with the rest of the platform, adopting a new logo and style. Secondly, the tool comes with a new, simplified structure to easily access the main pages: a policy, solutions, and community space:

  • EIF Policy: Access each of the 12 principles of the EIF and discover their related recommendations, linked European legal initiatives and best practices conducted at Member States and EU level.
  • EIF Solutions: Use an online assistant, just integrated into the page, to filter and find operational solutions that cover the alignment and implementation of the European Interoperability Framework.
  • EIF Community: Share resources and materials to the toolbox and engage in discussions with other users. 


The new version of the EIF Toolbox allows for easier access to EIF-related information and resources. You will be able to easily consult recommendations to enhance your digital public services, filter among the available solutions to discover the one(s) that better fit your case and share your experience with the community. 

Have you checked it out already? Share your thoughts on the new EIF Toolbox in this discussion!

Discover here the new EIF Toolbox