Webinar on Data Demand and Re-use in the Public Sector

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Published on: 23/03/2022

In recent years, the demand side of open data has gained importance. Data providers no longer publish their data solely based on organisational objectives or policy imperatives but take more and more into account what data the end user wants and needs. However, most attention has gone to data re-users from the private sector, whereas there is much to gain from data re-use in the public sector. Public institutions can re-use data from other public institutions to support policymaking, service delivery, organisational management and public innovation. Therefore, it is important for data providers to be able to assess and consider public institutions’ data demand.

Building on the data.europa.eu discussion paper “Measuring data demand within the public sector” , this webinar will provide an introduction to data re-use by public institutions and the importance of engaging with and measuring data demand by this specific group of users. Different expert speakers will present how they engage with data re-users from public institutions, measure their data demand and incorporate the insights in their open data policies.

Topics that will be covered:

  • What is public institutions’ data demand, why does it matter and how can it be measured?
  • What are best practices in engaging with data re-users from the public sector and measuring their demand?
  • How can data.europa.eu support potential data providers?
    • Community-building support
    • Indicators to measure public institutions’ data demand
    • Other portal features 

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Note: After the webinar, a recording and slides will be made available in the data.europa academy.


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