This community serves as a central place for everyone who is eager to share news, good practices and other relevant resources related to the advanced digital skills. This content would equip members with knowledge, skills and competences needed to implement interoperable digital services and enforce digital transformation which directly contributes to the EU Digital Decade target for digital skills.

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The key aspect of this community is that it is built by users’ contributions and exchanges. These conversations focus on how to reduce digital gap by using educational resources to improve advanced digital skills in the public sector. Collaboration is crucial to help deliver easier, quicker and more efficient public services!

  • Would you like to share and discover news and events related to the latest trends in digital e-government and digital skills in the public sector?
  • Do you have a solution related to digital skills in the public sector that you want to share?
  • Have you developed a course for interoperability, digital readiness, e-governance, public management, and it can be reused?
  • Do you have ongoing research or published studies on any topic related to public servants’ digital skills?
  • Would you like to create or contribute to a discussion on the topic of advanced digital skills?

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