Guidelines for creating sustainable open source communities

OSOR has launched a new project to produce guidelines for creating sustainable open source communities in the public sector. The guidelines will be available to the OSOR community in June 2020.

The project consists of various stages of information collection:

  1. Literature review: academic papers, European and international institutions' documents, and online resources to gather information in order to identify successful and failed initiatives.
  2. Survey: based on the research carried out in the literature review. It will be sent out to representatives of open source software communities and contact points.
  3. Interviews:to further explore the five most relevant initiatives showcasing successful and failed cases of open source communities..
  4. Case studies: a case study based on each group of interviews will be written to demonstrate real-life examples of initiatives that have been successful, retracted, or failed.
  5. Guidelines: will be based on the analysis of stages 1-4.

If you are interested in following the study more closely as well as provide us with your valuable feedback, please do not hesitate to email us: